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The world is investing much to stop this war. But crimes continue. Technology can accelerate these efforts and prevent worsening of the humanitarian crisis. Help Ukrainians fight the cause of the crisis, not just its consequences.

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We are Ukrainian tech industry experts fighting on the tech front

We are just like many other people in tech. We love to solve difficult tasks and make life better through innovation. We also love our country, home to many wonderful IT products. It breaks our hearts to see our home being destroyed. We want to stop atrocities by delivering hi-tech equipment to the frontline. Join our fight.

Misha Nestor

Misha Nestor

Chief Product Officer at Kyivstar

Ray Astafichev

Ray Astafichev

Head of Growth at Readdle

Sergey Berezhnoy

Sergey Berezhnoy

Ex Chief Product Officer at Parimatch

Igor Sokolov

Igor Sokolov

Head of Strategy at Pragmatech

Eugene Plokhoy

Eugene Plokhoy

Head of Product at Readdle

Bohdan Kit

Bohdan Kit

Head of Product at Tumblr

Pavlo Pedenko

Pavlo Pedenko

Senior Product Manager at Wise

Oksana Krykun

Oksana Krykun

Product & Marketing Director at WattEV

Anton Diatlov

Anton Diatlov

Senior Product Manager at Bolt

Andrew Umansky

Andrew Umansky


Tolik Kozlovskyi

Tolik Kozlovskyi

CMO of Planeta Kino

Daria Samokish

Daria Samokish

Head of PR at Ahrefs

Yevhen Kovalevskyi

Yevhen Kovalevskyi

Chief Product Officer at TECHIIA Holding

Yar Birzool

Yar Birzool

Chief Product Officer at LUN

Evgeniy Koval

Evgeniy Koval

Product Manager Corefy, Founder Games of Heroes

Anastasiya Filipenko

Anastasiya Filipenko

Chief Operation Officer Fedoriv Agency

Ganna Byndych

Ganna Byndych

Auditor at Rating

Olha Gutsalo

Olha Gutsalo

SMM Head Kyivstar

Sergey Sorokin

Sergey Sorokin

Senior Producer at Frag Lab

Bogdan Ponomarchuk

Bogdan Ponomarchuk

Engineering Manager at Grammarly

Andrew Alexseyenko

Andrew Alexseyenko

Co-Founder at Storypoint & Partnerway

Dima Kukushkin

Dima Kukushkin


& world-wide known partner companies

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₴115 008 708

in donations

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Thermal imagers and sights


Helmets and body armour


Satellite phones and tactical radio

Our success reports

Розвідувальний дрон DJI Matrice 300 RTK. З дальністю польоту до 15 км, тривалістю у 55 хвилин при повному заряді та системою уникнення перешкод.

May 8, 2022

7382 USD

DJI Matrice 300 RTK

Reconnaissance drone DJI Matrice 300 RTK with a range of up to 15 km, a duration of 55 minutes at full charge and an obstacle avoidance system.


5 тепловізійних прицілів Pulsar допомагають бійцям полювати вночі.

May 8, 2022

95 480 USD

Pulsar Sentinel NV Rifle Scope

5 Pulsar thermal sights help fighters hunt at night.


20 метеостанцій Kestrel для артилерії. Щоб краще влучати у цілі і зменшувати поппуляцію русні на теренах України.

May 5, 2022

10 576 USD

20 weather stations

20 Kestrel meteorological stations for the artillery. They help to hit the targets and reduce the population of rushitst in Ukraine.

For the artillery

104 базові рації Motorola DP2400. Підтримують 16 каналів та програмуються через комп'ютер.

May 4, 2022

77 546,75 USD

104 Motorola DP2400

104 basic walkie-talkies Motorola DP2400. They support 16 channels and is programmable via computer.


200 плитоносок та 432 бронеплити від шведського бренду Active Armour — привіт від справжіх вікінгів нашим захисникам.

May 2, 2022

126 520 USD

200 plate carriers and 432 plates from Active Armor

200 plate carriers and 432 armor plates from the Swedish brand Active Armor — greetings from the real Vikings to our defenders.


5 дронів, розроблених спеціально для US Army. Мають 32-кратний zoom та бачать уночі.

April 24, 2022

49 068 USD

5 Parrots USA

5 drones, designed specifically for the US Army. Have a 32x zoom and able to see at night.


Один дрон DJI та 2 Autel уже допомагають захисникам відбивати атаки ворога.

April 19, 2022

35 081 USD

1 DJI + 2 Autel

One DJI drone and 2 Autel drones are already helping defenders repel enemy attacks.


4 пташки з тепловізорами та 32-кратним зумом. Полетіли вже шукати орків.

April 14, 2022

31 962 USD

4 DJI Mavic 2 Ent. Adv

4 drones with thermal imagers and 32x zoom. They have already flown to look for russian orcs.

Mariupol Defenders

89 плитоносок та композитних бронепластин від Rheinmetall. Надійно захищають тих, хто нас захищає.

April 8, 2022

77 190 USD

89 plate carriers and armor plates

89 plate carriers and the Rheinmetall composite armor plates. They reliably protect those who protect us.


23 тепловізори з дальністю 1800 метрів. Стійкі до будь-яких погодних умов. Вміють навіть відстежувати рухливі цілі.

April 1, 2022

37 717 USD

23 HikMicro LYNX LH25 thermal camera

23 thermal imagers with a range of 1800 meters. Resistant to all weather conditions and able to track moving targets.


11 тепловізійних прицілів, що помічають ціль на відстані 2300 метрів.

March 27, 2022

32 176 USD

11 Thermal Imaging Sight Thermion 2 XP50 Pro

11 thermal imaging sights that detect the target at 2300 meters.


4 потужні дрони з інфрачервоною камерою, висотою польоту до 7000 м та тривалістю у 55 хв.

March 14, 2022

102 547 USD


4 powerful drones with an infrared camera, flight altitude up to 7000 m and a battery lasting 55 minutes.


We convert every donation
into Ukrainian technological advantage

As you read this, heavy fighting is underway. Every second is important, so is every dollar. Help us end the war in Ukraine.

Our partners


Djinni is a service for IT job search in Ukraine and remotely. Every day tens of thousands of developers looking for a job here. The company already supported the fund for more than UAH 1,000,000


Grammarly is developing an AI-based writing assistant. Thanks to their work, more than 30 million people write English fluently every day.


Wirex is a British company with offices in Kyiv, Lviv and Kharkiv. The startup has created a banking platform that allows customers to make transfers in traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies. The team supported the fund with $20,000. helps kick-off startups by matching them with best-fitted freelancers. Also, company regulary helps our fund to suply our defenders. More than $80,000 already donated.


Obrio is a company inside the Genesis business ecosystem that develops web and mobile applications, mobile games and SaaS. 3% from first sales Obrio transfers to the Fund for operational assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, they help us attract foreign investment.


Preply is a global platform for language learning. Guided by the belief that communication with the teacher is still the most effective way to learn new skills. The project team has donated 700,000 hryvnias to the Armed Forces.


One of the lead media in the IT-market. Here you can find a job, find out the company's reputation and assess the market situation. The project team donated UAH 1 million to the fund. DOU also helps promote KOLO.

Planeta Kino

Network of cinemas in Ukraine. They were the first who brought IMAX technology to Ukraine. And now 30% of ticket sales are transferred to the fund to help the Armed Forces.


Postindustria is a Ukrainian company that develops products based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Thanks to them, the fund is supported by $5,000 monthly.


Game developer company with offices in Kyiv and Gdansk. Engaged in all types of gameplay: from hyper-casual and casual to AAA projects. A part of the income is transferred to the Armed Forces on a monthly basis.


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