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A subscription that saves lives

Ukrainian defenders fight against Russian aggression. But they need continuous help and support. Subscribe to KOLONA for the cost of two cups of coffee per day ($200/month) to help Ukraine win. Donate for freedom!

Become an army patron
Subscribe to regular payment 200$ / month for army
$2,65 mln+


We are Ukrainian IT experts who help the Armed Forces of Ukraine maintain a technological advantage over the enemy. We are just like many other people in IT. We like to solve complex problems and improve life with the help of innovations. We also love our country, which has given the world many great IT products. And our hearts are breaking because they are destroying our homes. We want to stop atrocities, so we're helping the military gain a high-tech edge.

100% зібраних коштів йдуть на допомогу ЗСУ. Ми в KOLO сфокусовані на трьох напрямках, це — оптика, повітря і звʼязок. Всі гроші, які ми отримуємо, ми спрямовуємо на закупівлю саме на технологічні девайси в цьому напрямку. Цільові збори — не виключення.

For any campaign, on the payment page, you can choose one of three currencies: UAH ₴, USD $, and EUR €. If you want to donate using props or crypto, that's also possible! Go to the page choose a convenient method, and in the comment indicate the name of the campaign - we will direct the funds exactly where you want.

Ми в KOLO намагаємось бути на 100% прозорими у всіх аспектах. Фінансова звітність для нас, одне з найважливіших питань прозорості. Ви можете ознайомитись зі monthly financial statements and photo reports on all the fees that we have already implemented or plan to implement.

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* we work only with official requests from military units, with the preparation of relevant documents and the establishment of equipment for the registration of military units

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BO “BF “KOLO UKRAINE” 97 Almazna str, Zaporizhzhia, Zaporiz'ka oblast, Ukraine, 69000

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