100 KOLOssus of support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Subscription to victory for brave companies

Leave your mark in the history of national victory. Just as the Colossus of Rhodes immortalized his name in the list of wonders of the world!

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What is a Private KOLOssus Club?

Armed Forces of Ukraine assistance as a service



In order for your company to join the KOLOssus Club, you must commit to the KOLO team, employees, and community to donate at least $10,000 monthly to the fund in one of three ways:

A team license as a SaaS solution– the amount you pay for 1 employee per month

A fixed subscription of $10,000 per month

Donation according to the achievements of your team. For example, the more the team earns this month, the more KOLO helps the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Як це працює?

Who is already among the KOLOssus of support?


We sincerely thank everyone who contributes to help Ukraine!


Preply stands with Ukraine and its people

We are helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Дивитись відео відгук

Planeta Kino

We are helping the Ukrainian army


Dedicated to the support of Victory 🇺🇦

Дивитись відео відгук


UK fintech with a heart in Ukraine 🇺🇦 🇬🇧

Petcube & O0

Doing everything we can to support our brave defenders!

Softesis & TrueAutomation.IO

Beat this rock! Let neither heat nor cold stop you! Endure labor, thirst, and hunger, for you are destined to break this rock. Glory to Ukraine!

Fighting for independence and the free world together. Freedom will triumph over tyranny.

Дивитись відео відгук


Let's defend our land, each on his own front! 🇺🇦

Дивитись відео відгук

We believe in Ukrainian soldiers! Glory to Ukraine!

Дивитись відео відгук


Together, working towards victory!

Top 7 for Ukraine

We are engaging the global crypto community to achieve our soonest Victory 🇺🇦


Working, helping, winning!


We can! We believe! We will win!

Дивитись відео відгук


Genesis condemns Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine and actively helps the Ukrainian state to struggle against it.


Only by uniting our forces as a one Free Nation, we will celebrate the victory over russian orcs. Slava Ukraini!💛 💙

Дивитись відео відгук

Mate academy

Glory to Ukraine and Ukrainians!

Дивитись відео відгук


From the first day of the full-scale invasion, we actively assisted the Armed Forces of Ukraine and, together with the KOLO fund, purchased bulletproof vests, worked on the import of cars and provided units in which our employees and relatives serve. We highly respect the activities of the Kolo Foundation, so we decided that it is right not to stop and continue helping our Armed Forces together with KOLO!


Love Ukraine, believe in the Victory, support the Armed Forces

Дивитись відео відгук


We are proud of Ukrainians, and as a company, we won't stop doing everything depending on us to protect our freedom. Support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, work, and believe in the victory!

Дивитись відео відгук


We support the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine to bring victory closer! We are dedicated to helping the defenders of Ukrainian borders that stand on the frontlines of resistance!


Supporting and standing with Ukraine in a fight for freedom and democracy


Together we are an unbeatable force! 💙💛

Дивитись відео відгук


This is the war of The Past against The Future. That's much bigger even than just Ukraine and russia. We war for Ukraine to protect freedom, progress, and the right of every person to decide their destiny. 💛💙

WebLab Technology

Let's rally for the sake of strengthening the Armed Forces and keep the techno front of help!


Let's create, unite, and donate!


We repel the enemy IPSO, donate to the Armed Forces, and believe in victory!

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Допомагай ЗСУ, розвиваючи свій бізнес та зроби свою компанію відомим КОLОсом підтримки Української армії!

Або просто напишіть нам у соцмережах або повідомлення на Наші співзасновники або координатори обовʼязково дадуть відповіді на всі ваші питання якнайшвидше.

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